Our solution

Prevents theft of the bike or wheels

A safe, simple and handy anti-theft system

JANBOLOCK offers reliable , easy and economic solution to prevent wheel theft. The simplicity and effectiveness of this antitheft system for wheels , whith materials of high strength allow us to quickly lock the bike without using heavy and unwieldy chains. Our padlock not replace any other systems allowing to fix the bike to external elements. It is a complementary lock that prevents you wheels to be stolen.

T here are several solutions in the market to prevent theft, partially effective, as some parts of the bike (wheels and seat), are arranged so that assembly and disassembled easily and, therefore, easily stolen. Until now, the only solution to park a bicycle was locking it with several locks that ensured the chassis and the detachable elements. Heavy and sturdy padlocks whose drawbacks appear in the transport (due to weight and space occupied) and the movement (it’s volume can hinder pedaling if they’re rolled in the chassis of the bike).

T he JANBOLOCK anti-theft system is safe, simple and manageable. Only replacing the screws holding the brakes, for those of JANBOLOCK, whose head is circular with a hole (eye head screws). The advantage of these screws is that through the head with a hole you can insert our JANBOLOCK arc (made of steel) so that the wheel will be locked. Finally, a conventional padlock is used to fix the screws to the JANBOLOCK arc. Thus, the wheel can not be stolen, and you can not use the bike because the radios collide with the arc. To reuse the bike it’s easy to unlock the wheels. No chains to unroll an roll again in the chassis.  Only, we have to open the lock and remove the JANBOLOCK arc, this, due to its size, we can transport it by placing it under the seat or in a pocket.

             BiciAmarrada                       BiciLosHerran

All cases shown are real. The pictures could be an example, taken in our city. On the left picture the owner, although it’s a nuisance, has decided to remove the wheel to secure it along with the frame. However, the rear wheel still remains easy to be stolen, as it has happened in the photo on the right.

With our lock is not required strange maneuvers. In a few seconds you will block the wheels and if you add another lock to connect the frame to an external element, the bike is completely safe.

As you can see, if you appreciate the cost of your bike and the simplicity, efficiency and price of our system, you will have any doubts about how a good option it is.