France supports the use of bicycles

France supports the use of bicycles

France has taken the idea of encouraging the use of bicycles through a pay for those who come to work in this mode of transport. This formula is already in use in Belgium. The proposal is to encourage with 21 cents per kilometer. This would be provided by businesses and government offset them by tax benefits. It is estimated that this measure would cost about 20 million Euros to the French government, but on the other hand is believed that will be save about 5,600 million in healthcare costs, as the health of cyclist will be increased, also would reduce gas emissions if cars stay at home and the quality of life in cities would increase.

This idea has began to be studied the last year with the previous transport minister and this has taken the form of a study commission. This measure involves a series of actions by the government, mainly improve road infrastructure, create a national registry of bikes to combat thefts that occur, or create specific parking campaigns promoting tourism by bike.

Associations cyclists claim that the speed of vehicles on urban roads would be 30 km/h as in the Nordic countries, although the government does not seem very much agree with this limitation..

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