1. Brakes in which we can apply JANBO

2. Remove  the original screws from the brake. Most of them are allen head and in other cases of hex.

3. Select the eye bolt and insert the nut to the maximum. Then, introduce the knurled washer.

4. Insert and tighten the screw on the fork of the bicycle.

5. After tightening the screw, leave it in such a way that it allows you to easily traverse both set screws with the largest part of the set Janbo.

6. It’s time to tighten the nuts. To avoid the screw head turning while we are pressing, can pet it work as a lever with the straight end of the arc, the largest part of Janbo.

7. We can also use pliers while we press the nut.

8. Assemblying is necessary only once. From then on, we only have to cross the screws with the largest part of Janbo and lock with the lock system. 

9.  Whenever we unlock the wheels, we can carry the arc, the largest part, (securing it with a padlock), anywhere, because its size makes it very manageable. Our own bike saddle can be an ideal place.