We present OUR SOLUTION. It is a simple and effective system that fixes wheels avoiding their theft and, in addittion, blocks the bike avoiding it being taken. In this way, the risk of finding the bike with a sturdy chain tied to it, but without the wheels disappears, a print increasingly common inthe streets. Our patented padlock with an EASY INSTALLATION helps you have a complete bicycle safety. It is reliable, economical and very manageable. Don’t doubt it. Enjoy all the advantages offered by the bike and let JANBOLOCK protect it. Avoid theft and other unwanted surprises. Buy now and you will benefit our RELEASE OFFER.

These videos of the assembly and operation of our lock will help you determine all its functionality and use of the most appropriate way. Once assembled the JANBOLOCK screws, lock the wheel is fast and simple. You can also check how comfortable and easy  is to be carried away.

Ideal conveyance

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Cycling is one of the most used conveyance. Its handling is part of childhood learning and teaching is a necessary after learning to walk because we know that will be part of games and adventures. Practically everyone knows bike riding. Bicycle production exceeds cars production. ….

Sustainable mobility

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The bicycle, day by day, is gaining ground as a conveyance in cities. It is a clean, fast, cheap and sustainable form of  moving around in short and medium distances which leads to giving it an increasingly important role as an alternative to the car. Institutions are aware of this fact and are already getting ready and regulating new areas for its using.….


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Bicycle thefts are a growing and unfortunate reality. Therefore, the locks and chains, as security, have become essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. However, it is clear that risks do not disappear entirely and is not strange to see a bicycle locked but incomplete in cities.….

Our solution

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We bring a solution simple and effective way to increase bicycle safety. With Janbo you can lock the wheels easily and safely and thereby reducing risk of theft. It’s the perfect complement to traditional anti-theft systems that lock the bicycle frame to any kind of external element of the city.….